Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Appliloka

We will always try to provide the best services to all our customers ranging from product quality, price, delivery, accuracy, performance, so there are some provisions that must be understood and agreed upon by our customer before shopping at our online store.

Here are provisions:

  1. Customers are required to make payments by transferring money in advance via credit card, paypal or into our bank account before your product is claimed
  2. We offer qualities website and application rental service, and if you feel our price or services is more expensive than other places with the same quality, please contact us, we will try to correct it.
  3. Rental slot availability may change at any time without informed consent, if you are already made payments to us, but the availability of slots is empty so we can't provide our service to you, your money will be returned in full within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours on working day (If the next day holiday / weekend, your money will be returned on the next working day by latest) Please understand.
  4. Our application and webiste has been tested and checked before we offers to you, and please you retry it in Live Demo link we have provided before purchasing, if there is error in the runtime will we strive to improve as soon as possible, but we are not promising that our application / website is 100% perfect and free of bugs.
  5. Prepareration and configuration for our website and application service is three days after the data we need submitted by the customer
  6. Please contact our customer service, if there are any questions or need for application and custom website, we will try to prepare the best solution for you, and pay a visit to your place if necessary.
  7. Application and custom website development fees,  can sometimes exceed the costs that we offer because of certain factors such as: currency rates, sudden changes requests from clients, the application in development experiencing a clash of logic that must be readapted. Due to the issued stated, we are entitled to request additional development costs to not exceed 50% of the total cost of development that has been approved.
  8. Application develpment fee does not include the cost of translation services, design and others if they are not agreed upon in the previous contract.
  9. The location of our servers are available in different places with different costs, for all our ready products, the server location is in Singapore, please contact us if you need a different server locations, which will be will be notified its cost by our customer service to you later.
  10. There are limitations to package (application and website) you rent , both in terms of server space, speed, and product database. Please check with us if there are things that are less obvious.
  11. As "Nothing is Perfect", we are very aware of our shortcomings, therefore, ask before writing a negative review and please contact us to resolve the problem that does not satisfy you. We will be very appreciate to customers who provide a good review.
  12. Conditions for product complaint is limited to 7 days from the date of payment, we will not respond to any complaint requesting refund and others if its more than 7 days after the payment date. But we will always ready to receive opinions from you and fix the shortcomings of our system as well as replace the time frame.
  13. Complaints in addition to via our Ticketing will not be serve, Live Chat features is merely as a means of providing information, due to the limitations of our operators knowledge in terms of engineering.


All customers who have paid deemed to have accepted and read the rules and regulations.

Best regards,

Paul Deddy

Appliloka Founder